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September 9, 2019

Clear Signs of B2B CDP Market Maturing, with Weaker Players Radius and Mintigo Exiting

By Doug Bewsher, Leadspace

190909 Leadspace Clear Signs of B2B CDP Market Maturing.jpg

There has been a lot of evidence in the last few months that the B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) category is maturing. There was the recent Forrester report, the dramatic increase in RFPs and customer adoption of CDPs, and even Salesforce’s recent announcements about the pivotal nature that CDPs will play in their future business strategy.

We have also seen both Radius and Mintigo go away, subsumed into other relatively unrelated businesses. This reflects a trend where, as a category matures less successful players exit — in this case, companies either with limited functionality like targeting SMBs, or a narrow focus on a specific feature such as automated predictive modeling — while more complete platform strategies dominate. We saw similar patterns in categories like Marketing Automation and DMPs over the last decade. This is supported by Gartner’s Hype Cycle mode, where there is a focus on performance and results as a category approaches the “Slope of Enlightenment,” and providers survive by focusing on customer satisfaction.

Salesforce has also played a part in this maturation. They chose to sunset Data.com — which was a single-threaded data provider with D&B & Jigsaw data — to adopt a vendor agnostic, more comprehensive CDP strategy as their go forward plans. However, their focus is on B2C business, so t