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August 1, 2019

Are digital marketers losing sight of the value in connecting online and offline identity data?

By Dave Dague, Infutor

190801 Infutor Are digital marketers losing sight of the value in connecting online and offline identity data.png

It will come as no surprise to this group that the options for and use of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are on the rise. Marketers need a central place to hold, access and manage their vast customer data as well as personalize and better target their ad programs to reach the right consumers with the most relevant messaging.

As part of this dynamic, consumer identity markers (names, physical addresses, phone numbers, emails, hashed emails, mobile ad IDs) and identity resolution have become a key enabler for CDP users to fully realize the value of these platforms. How else can you ensure that the consumer data in your CDP is comprehensive, linked and up to date? At any given time, up to 30% of consumer records in brand databases are incomplete, duplicative or incorrect. So it’s critical that marketers have access to dynamically updated identity data. While many marketers assume this type of identity resolution is baked into CDPs, that isn’t always the case. And of the CDPs that do offer integrated identity resolution, there are often some gaps – specifically as it relates to critical offline data.

Enterprise-grade identity resolution offers the ability to resolve all identity markers to a single person, regardless of which enterprise system they reside within. This ensures that there is a single, linked view of the consumer. Typically utilizing an identity graph, or known truth set, to resolve all identity markers to a single view of a consumer, foundational identity resolution enables critical marketing functions such as personalization, segmentation, analytics, outbound activation, compelling inbound engagement in real-time -- you name it.

While the advent of CDPs has generally risen out of digital marketing, marketers today who solely focus on a consumer’s digital identity and digital footprint may be missing out on key offline indicators that provide a more comprehensive view of t